Akilam International, a US founded Veteran Owned Small Business, is a single point solution provider for all business sectors. Akilam International was created by a group of ambitious, proactive, value driven and solution focused professionals with significant and diverse experience within the Middle East and Mediterranean regions.


Our aim is to provide local, single source, operations and support services to Oil and Gas and other industries within the Middle East and Mediterranean region. Many international companies rely on local experience to streamline operations and increase project efficiency. Our focus is to develop positive business relationships by supplying an enhanced service to maximize quality, safety, and profitability to our clients. Partnered with Kalepan, one of the industry leaders in the region, we use a variety of experience and knowledge to provide the highest quality of service for your specialised needs.

With 25 years’ experience, Kalepan has gained a wide array of experience in a multitude of engineering and fabrication fields. Our work scope includes but not limited to:

  • Design of new products or reverse engineering of previous designs.
  • All types of metal works including, structural beam fabrication and installation,  stainless steel, sheet steel and aluminium fabrication.
  • Design, fabrication, testing and commissioning of overhead travel and bridge style cranes spanning up to 30M and loads up to 25T (single or multi-hoist)
  • Design, fabrication and installation of motorized valves up to 4’ diameter
  • Modular, belt, roller, chain, monorail and combination conveyers
  • Axil air fans up to 50HP
  • Ship shaft repair (up to 4T) – Hot metal spraying, turning and assembly
  • Stainless steel fabrications with surface finishing
  • Repair of marine gearboxes and propellers
  • Shot blasting and paint work
  • ISO compliant QMS systems

The Kalepan shop, located in Limassol has a 2000 m2 working area and an additional 250m2 of warehousing and storage. In addition, we have the following equipment at our disposal:

  • 10T overhead travel crane Three lathes (max turn Dia. 63”, max workpiece weight 4T)
  • CNC Laser Amada capable of cutting up to 10mm steel, max plate size 2.5M x 1.25M
  • Three milling machines and keep a tool stock capable of most milling projects.
  • 12 Spindle Multi-drill
  • Press break capable of 3M max length, 6MM thickness
  • Shear machine capable of 4M max length and 8MM thickness
  • Broaching machine, internal keyways up to 200MM wide
  • Plate rolls (max thickness 16MM), Two 300T hydraulic presses, Pinch Rollers
  • Welders: 2 Hobart Arc (600AMPS), Hobart Tig (400AMPS), Kempi Mig (400AMPS),
  • Fronius Mig (400AMPS), Essab Mig (250AMPS)
  • Three cut off saw machines
  • 2T fork lift
  • Two sets Oxy-acetylene torch cutting sets


Inspection Services – LOLER Standards and LEEA Certified

  • Crane and Lifting Equipment: Load test, pad eye testing, man baskets, forklifts, safety harness, liftin plans, supervisions, test and certification.
  • Rig Inspection: CAT III and CAT IV – API, AWS1, ASME and ASTM compliant.
  • OCTG Inspection: DS-1 and API
  • BHA: API RP7, T, H. HILL DS1, NS2 and all standards requested by client.
  • NDT
  • Custom inspection programs to suite your organisation’s needs


Technology is dynamic and fast paced, so when it comes to security and business intelligence, you must be at least 10 steps ahead of the game. Drones (UAV/UAS’s) provide a tactical advantage to many businesses, offering versatility and ability to cover tough terrain. So, what if criminals and hackers get their hands on them?

Securisq was born due to the lack of safety following the market boom of UAV/UAS’s (or unmanned aircraft) or commonly called drones for civilian use. Using advanced detection systems, we can provide real time information and alerts of active drones in your airspace.

Deploying countermeasures on detection, we can prevent delivery of dangerous or illegal items and keep your privacy safe.

We keep airspace safe, free of drones, we have the best technology to cover your airspace security needs.

We implement systems for Detection, Identification and Neutralization of drones (UAV/UAS).

Protecting Against

  • Corporate Espionage
  • Weapons Delivery Systems
  • Acts of Terrorism
  • Hacking and Data Theft
  • Paparazzi and Privacy Invasion
  • Illegal Substance Delivery
  • Explosive Device Delivery
  • Event Copyright Infringements


  • Government and Military Facilities
  • Correctional Facilities and Prisons
  • Airports
  • Stadiums, Arenas and Events
  • VIP and Private Property
  • Data Centers
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Other Property and Special Circumstances

We serve multiple industry sectors including government and private sector. We are specialist in our industry with a proven track record in protection and penetration testing. Our services can aid you and your business in the prevention of costly crime and data compliance, including the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 actioned on 23/05/2018.


Akilam will provide a turnkey facilitation package to meet all your organisations needs in-country. Including above mentioned services, transportation, housing, security and catering.

Shot Blasting and Painting

Meeting all international standards.


J. Riley Hughes

Mr. J. Riley Hughes started his career in the US Marines as an infantry forward observer. Once he received his honorable discharge in 2000 he began working on vessels in the research and yachting fields. After gaining experience he continued to work in the oil and gas market in offshore geophysical before settling in with SGS upstream, working on the new projects team in the Middle East and Asia. After working with the global team for 2 years team he was assigned the role of Erbil, Iraq location manager from 2010 to 2016. Parting ways with SGS in 2018 and forming a new company with a group of experienced oil and gas professionals, Akilam International.

Steven Dobbs

Mr. Steven Dobbs joined the British Army in 1979 and retired with an honorable discharge in 2001. In his active duty he was deployed multiple times to regions including the Middle East and Europe.

Since military retirement he has helped develop multiple international companies with his experience and now has joined Akilam’s Middle East team.

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