Manpower & Staffing


Together with Energy Professionals Group, Akilam Provides turnkey global solutions for manpower and staffing at all levels.


Local Facilitation and Operations Support


With years of experience in the Middle East and Mediterranean, Akilam International is prepared to assist in the setup through completion of projects in all industries. We are considered the “boots on the ground” for international companies moving into the region and need qualified personal to maintain quality and safety standards expected from global companies.


Project Management


Akilam International’s team of professional Project Managers, Coordinators and Supervisors have years of experience in the Middle East and Mediterranean. We are committed to the success of your project from start to finish emphasizing cost control and time constraints and our commitment to HSE and safety.


NDT and Lifting Inspection


Akilam International maintains an experienced team, both full time and consultants that provide professional inspection services to International Standards.

Akilam provides Crane and lifting equipment inspection, Rig Inspection (CAT III and CAT IV), Tubular and BHA Inspection and, PT Witness. In addition, Akilam provides Dropped Object Survey, Lifting plan services and Equipment (service) maintenance scheduling.


Quality Management


Akilam International is pleased to offer our Quality Management services through our highly experienced team of Quality engineers. Trust Akilam to ensure the highest level of commitment and meticulous attention to detail.